pathway leadership academy

"Securing Tomorrow Through Development Today"

3rd - 12th Grade

who we are and what we do

Pathway Leadership Academy [PLA] is a ministry of City At The Cross, providing education for middle and high school students. Academic success is not achieved or complete without character and leadership development.  At PLA, we partner with families to create a customized learning pathwayto help students achieve academic success and prepare them for college while developing leadership skills, moral character and ethics, and a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  


Student have the option of utilizing both web-based and teacher led curriculum.  The interactive multi-age classroom encourages peer support and collaboration. High School Students have the choice between the UC/A-G College Track or the Private School/Diploma Track. Our curriculum includes traditional core subjects, art, drama, music, and world languages. Our program both challenges students and fosters creativity. Honors, AP®, and numerous elective courses are available for high school students preparing for University, College and Career. Field trips, service learning opportunities and various projects help to round out the student’s school year.


PLA is a values based school and works in conjunction with Inspire Charter Schools (ICS) which provides families with accredited curriculum, educational resources, academic funding and maintains student records.


*PLA students must be enrolled with Inspire Charter Schools in order to participate in our program. ICS is WASC accredited and provides academic resources to complete their education through a variety of interactive and rigorous online platforms that will meet state requirements and prepare them for college. Below is their Mission and Vision Statement.


Inspire Charter School Mission Statement:

Inspire Charter Schools provides a flexible personalized learning experience, empowering families to tailor a program designed around 

the specific needs of each student. In collaboration with highly qualified 

credentialed teachers, students engage in diverse and dynamic learning pathways and unparalleled enrichment opportunities to achieve personal and academic success.

ICS Vision Statement:

Inspire Charter Schools develops the individual gifts of students to become critical thinkers, responsible citizens, and innovative leaders prepared for academic and real life success in the 21st century.


PLA is located on the property of City At The Cross church near downtown Long Beach.  Students have the opportunity to explore new forms of learning through a variety of interactive and rigorous textbook based and online platforms.  Curriculum options can vary based on the student’s needs and will be decided upon successful completion of the admission process.  


Friendly, dedicated and educated staff are there to assist students to meet their educational goals in any way possible!

Are you interested in enrolling your student in Pathway Leadership Academy?

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