Hebron Company OC

Hebron Company is a gathering specific for men within our community and is also a global company of men connected to congress WBN. The purpose of the gatherings is for men to walk in the faith that their lives as men will represent the fullness of manhood as God intended men to be. Manhood is defined to us as the quality of character that emerges from the sustained application of the highest standards and values to the lives of men producing moral clarity, personal integrity, responsibility, and nobility. 

Details: Meets every 1st and 3rd Thursday evening of the month at 7 PM


Women of Purpose is a gathering specific for women in the community of all ages. The purpose of the gatherings is to facilitate the flow of life and grace among the women according to the current speaking of God to the house. The structure of the meetings could consist of prayer sessions, teaching sessions, small group studies, or group outings. 

Details: Meets every 2nd and 4th Thursday evening of the month at 7 PM

Generation to Generation

Childcare is provided every Sunday at CATC OC from infants up to 5th grade. 


Is a generational portal engulfing Middle School, High School, College students, Young Adults and Young Marrieds, providing a relevant place of gathering, access to God, shared life, mutual accountability, and collaboration in journey to the Finish and the creating of Sanctuary for InGathering and Harvest!


The bi-monthly gathering for people ages 16 and up forms the basis for various other gatherings and activities throughout each month that target specific people groups within the wider generational group of HEIGHTS. The seamless integration of all ages and people groups creates a pipeline of purpose and destiny without breakage and leakage. 

Details: Meets every 1st & 3rd Monday at 6:30 PM at CATC OC for ages 16 and up

              HEIGHTS is led by Will McClain, Daniel Campbell, and Megan Pyster

the company oC

The Company is a place for young adults ages 18 and up to download and find practical application of the current speaking of God in the midst of fellowship and shared life. 


The Company meets in both Long Beach and Orange County. 


Details: The Company OC will meet on Friday following the first Monday of the month 

              The Company is for young adults aged 18 and up