Hebron Company LB

Hebron Company is a gathering specific for men within our community and is also a global company of men connected to congress WBN. The purpose of the gatherings is for men to walk in the faith that their lives as men will represent the fullness of manhood as God intended men to be. Manhood is defined to us as the quality of character that emerges from the sustained application of the highest standards and values to the lives of men producing moral clarity, personal integrity, responsibility, and nobility. Hebron Company meets every Tuesday at 6 AM for a time of governmental prayer on behalf of our community and also meets collectively as a global company of men variously throughout the year dependent on present community schedules. Hebron Company LBC is overseen by Jeff Cardona, Teddy Kochukoshy, Dan Pettit, and Will McClain. 

Details:  Meets every Tuesday morning (except the 1st Tuesday of the month) at 6 AM in the Life Room

               Meets every 1st Tuesday evening of the month at 7 PM in the Life Room

Women of PURPOSE

Women of Purpose is a gathering specific for women in the community of all ages. The purpose of the gatherings is to facilitate the flow of life and grace among the women according to the current speaking of God to the house. The structure of the meetings could consist of prayer sessions, teaching sessions, small group studies, or group outings. The Women of Purpose is overseen by Pastor Christiana Copp and supported by Christine Cox, Lackeyna Schmitt, Patricia Wills, Yadira Kochukoshy, Juanita Menjivar, Sadiqa Anthony, and Shannon Martin.

Details: Meets every 2nd Tuesday evening of the month at 7 PM in the Life Room

              Meets at various times and locations throughout the month (see Sunday bulletin for locations and times)

LIFE Groups

Life Groups are gatherings in various homes on the 2nd Friday of each month with the purpose of fellowshipping with various families and singles of all ages within our community. It's a great way to get to know others outside of a Sunday gathering. These meetings are centered around fellowship, food, and fun where you can come, hang out, eat, and talk while your kids play and have fun. We briefly review the past Sunday's teaching, take communion, and pray for any prayer requests. On occasion, we will have an all Life Group game night at church, a bonfire at the beach, or another family activity for all ages. You can choose one of our 4 locations: 1 in Long Beach, 2 in Lakewood and 1 in Huntington Beach. Life group leaders John and Mary Jean Piersma announce special activities each month in our Sunday bulletin as well as the addresses of our 4 meeting places. Check out a Life Group near you!

Details: Meets every 2nd Friday of the month at 7:00 PM at various locations.


Growth Groups are small groups where community members get together to study the Word, process the current speaking of God, and build relationships with one another. The groups are separated by gender and are purposely kept small to facilitate productive discussion. When activated, they meet regularly at various locations.

City Nursery

The City Nursery is a fun and safe place for infants and toddlers to play and be cared for during Sunday worship and teaching services. The City Nursery is located downstairs on the right side of the entrance to the sanctuary building. It is made up of two age appropriate play rooms and a sleeping room. The City Nursery is for ages 3 months to 2 years and as they turn 3 they will gradually transition to the next group, G2 3-4 year olds, which is a curriculum-based class created specifically for their age group. We have a dedicated group of team members that is made up of our own experienced community members and children’s parents, providing excellent care for our children. Lunch/snacks can be dropped off with the child(ren) and provided by our nursery team members at any specified time or City Nursery can provide snacks and water if needed. As you enter, you will sign in your child(ren) detailing specific needs they will require while under our care as well as your information should there be a need to reach you. The City Nursery and its teams are overseen by Juanita Menjivar.  

Details: City Nursery is for infants and toddlers from ages 3 months to 2 years City Nursery is available during Sunday Morning

              Service and any other time specified.


G2 stands for generation to generation transfer and is our children’s ministry for pre-kindergarten to 5th grade where we provide a fun and safe environment every Sunday where the children learn about the word, various principles, and values through fun interactive teaching and activities. There are three separate classes based on age and grade level where they receive age appropriate lessons and activates. The teachers are trained community members who volunteer and rotate so that children can know and form relationships with various adults of the community. The curriculum is based off of current teachings for the church as well as lesson plans from trusted sources. After the children are dismissed they go down to a large gathering room called the rain room where all combined they worship and do various activities together before separating to their age appropriate classrooms which are broken down below.

Kingdom Kids: When our little ones turn three years old they promote into G2 and enter the Kingdom Kids class, which is designed for the preschooler. Their class time consists of crafts, playtime, bible story time, and snack time.

The Reformers: When children enter kindergarten they become apart of The Reformers class which is designed for those in kindergarten to 2nd grade. Bible stories and character values are learned and applied at their age level to be used at home and in life. The children experience acting out bible stories, doing projects, crafts, and playing games where they also become friends and learn to care for each other.

The Affect: Once a child enters the 3rd grade they join the class known as The Affect which is specifically designed for those in 3rd to 5th grade. The children learn to grow stronger in their faith and belief in Christ so that they will Affect their world, their classmates, and their friends. These children are being equipped to become the Daniels of their generation. Our Desire is to have God’s word planted firmly in the life of each child as they grow and enter various stages of life.

Details: G2 is for children in grades pre-k to 5th grade. G2 meets every Sunday during service and is overseen by Marcia Pettit.

              Classrooms are located downstairs in the basement level of the sanctuary building.


SOC, which stands for Standard of Christ, is a youth group dedicated to those in junior and senior high school. The goal of the group is to build an environment and culture that supports the youth in their decision to commit their lives to the Lord and to become examples for other youth to follow. This is done through teaching, relationship building, and a focus on becoming those who will be influential rather than those who are easily influenced. This group is led by a team consisting of Teddy and Yadira Kochukoshy, James Pettit, Caleb Guesno, Sabrina Mack, and Megan Pyster.  

Details: SOC meets every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month; on the 2nd Sunday in the afternoon before Sunday Service   

              gathering, and on the 4th Sunday during the Sunday Service gathering. 

              SOC is for youth in grades 6-12. 

The Company

The Company is a group for young adults ages 18 and up with the purpose of facilitating an environment of personal and corporate growth for its members that is anchored by their faith in the Lord. Monthly meetings are structured around the current speaking of God to the church community with an emphasis on real life application. In addition to monthly meetings the group makes it a point to connect and share community life with frequent outings and activities. The young men and women of The Company come from all walks of life, whether it be they are college students, workers in the local community, or both, they share a common goal to lead lives that are honorable to God and to bring about His purposes on the earth. The Company gathers together on the 3rd Friday of every month at 7:00PM alternating between the homes of the group’s leaders which consist of Jeff and Vanessa Cardona, and Will and Rachel McClain.  

Details: Meets every 3rd Friday at 7:00PM at alternating locations. The Company is for young adults ages 18 and up.