We are a present-truth apostolic community with a commitment to exalting the Name, Person, Character, and Word of the Lord Jesus Christ in all that we do and say. We are present-truth in that we believe that the Lord is speaking to His church today and that we are called to hear and obey Him by the power of His Holy Spirit. We are an apostolic community in that God has joined us to a global community of churches that are related to an apostolic and prophetic team from which we receive spiritual oversight, resource, and relationship. 

Our purpose is found in Loving God, Loving People & Loving Life and we do so with great faith and joy! 

Our Two Communities

We now have two locations: City at the Cross Long Beach & City at the Cross Orange County. Both locations' Sunday Service time begins at 10 AM and we would love for you to join us at either location. Please click here for more information.